During Summer 2014 in New York Katinka Fogh Vindelev & Jacob Kirkegaard have been mixing Danish quartet We like We's debut album a New Age of Sensibility. The album will be mastered for vinyl by Mike Grinser at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin and is scheduled for release in December 2014 on Danish Jomi Massage's label The Being Music

In November 2013, near Bethlehem, Kirkegaard recorded on the of both sides of the Israeli West Bank Barrier, (an 8-meter tall concrete wall commonly referred to as "the security fence" by Israelis or "the apartheid wall" by Palestinians), using both sensitive air microphones and vibration sensors that he placed on the concrete surfaces.
This work will be shown for the 1st time at Brandon Labelle's errant bodies space in Berlin, and at the same time mark the 25. anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. This will be a joint exhibition with German artist Georg Klein.
Stadt als Klangtext #5
Exhibition: December 10th - 14th, 2014, 4-8 p.m
Discussion: December 11th, 7pm: With Kathrin Wildner



Bemejemeria (In the Begining)
Announcing Kirkegaard's first collaboration with artist & performer Lilibeth Cuenca. Live as part of her exhibition BEING HUMAN at Nikolaj Kunsthal in Copenhagen and at the opening of WUNDERGRUND Festival also in Copenhagen. Oct 23rd & 24th
This performance will also happen in Sao Paulo and in Rio during November 2014. See Calendar for details.


freq_out 1.2∞(skandion)
This will be the first permanent freq_out sound installation. It will be installed in the small garden at the new Skandion Clinic for cancer treatment in Uppsala, Sweden, and inaugurated in the autumn of 2014. The following artists will contribute to the sound installation Tommi Grönlund / Petteri Nisunen, Mike Harding, Jana Winderen, Finnbogi Petursson, Anna Ceeh / Franz Pomassl, Jacob Kirkegaard, The Sons of God (Kent Tankred / Leif Elggren), BJNilsen, Maia Urstad, JG Thirlwell, Brandon LaBelle, Christine Ödlund, Permagnus Lindborg and artist curator Carl Michael von Hausswolff







New sound & video work commissioned by Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan. Opening September 14: Jacob Kirkegaard's new work Stigma is 4 portraits of nature scenes in Fukushima, Japan: a green bamboo forrest, a mountain top, a snow covered forrest and a hill of pine trees. Stigma addresses the classic idea of nature and how an appa
rent presence of radioactivity changes the perception of it



Danish sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard has created a new soundtrack for Carl Th. Dreyer's 1928 silent film The Passion of Joan of Arc
By time-stretching fragments of compositions, in particular the works by Guillaume Dufay and other early French renaissance composers, he exposes the 'tone' of the 15th century, the atmosphere where religion could glorify God but could also declare Joan of Arc a heretic and a witch. Kirkegaard's prolonged tones evolve slowly over time parallel to the visual purity of the film and express the deeper reaches of Joan’s life and tragic death. Commissionned by Onassis Cultural Centre and will be premiered at InMUTE Festival in Athens, Greece, Oct 26th, 2014
The presentation of this film with live soundtrack by Jacob Kirkegaard will also take place in Sao Paulo & Rio during November. See Calendar for details











Vinyl release of soundtrack for Saodat Ismailova's film CHILLA Released by VON Archives, June 2014

SOLÁMOK (Solrædsel)
A new sound work created for Ecstasy - Rued Langgaard Festival Ribe, Denmark, September 2014: This work is dedicated to the Danish composer Rued Langgaard and consists of three parts and an epilogue; Stormnattens Skygger (The Shaddows of the Stormy Night), I Skyggen af en Domkirke (In the Shade of a Cathedral) and Solrædsel (Solar Fear). Besides from percussion and church organ Solámok is primarily composed of concrete sounds recorded at night in the medieval town of Ribe where Langgaard lived for the last 12 years of his life. Solámok will be premiered and played live in Ribe Domkirke on September 5. Percussion by SCENATET. Church organ will be played by Birgitte Ebert





During Summer 2014 Jacob Kirkegaard made underwater recordings of Hudson River. Æsturarium is his composition from these sounds. Estuaries are transition zones between a river and the sea. Æsturarium will be premiered live at the Silent Barn in New York City, Aug 21

The sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard and classical singer Katinka Fogh Vindelev are joining forces to compose and perform Tone Poem for Richard Strauss, an interpretation of composer Richard Strauss' final completed works, "Vier Letzte Lieder" (Four Last Songs) from 1948. By extracting and working with minute fragments and phrases, they tease out what they see as the essence of these songs written so close to the composer’s death. This piece was performed live at Socrates Sculpture Park in New York and at the inaguration of the Robert Fagan Art Library, New York. Summer 2014. Next performance will take place at Rued Langgaard Festival in Ribe Denmark on Sep 6th

is the title of a sound piece created for the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, Japan. The piece is made from recordings of the vibrations of the 238 meter tall Mori Tower as well as the constant and dense air pressure passing through the building.
A vent means to let out, to give free and to release something but through a confined space. Rising up above Tokyo's skyline the Mori Tower building does not only act like a sonic vent to its surrounding air flow. Its museum functions as a kind of vent for artistic thoughts, ideas and dreams, which are all manifested through its confined galleries and released as pieces of art into the world. In a similar way, the hirtherto silent winds passing through the confined gaps of the building is manifested
into audible matter



is Jacob Kirkegaard's work created for LOUISIANA Museum of Modern Art's exhibition ARCTIC. September 2013
"The popular imagination of the Arctic usually relies on visuals of harsh white landscapes. But one of the most compelling elements in the exhibit is a pitch-black room dedicated to a soundscape designed by the Danish artist Jacob Kirkegaard. Recordings of ice sheets falling into the sea, melting or scraching against on another rise from precise points on the floor. Even if the deadliy cold is absent, standing there in the dark listening to the otherworldly sounds might be the closest thing to traveling to the Pole. The experience offers a schockingly new, aural dimension to our conception of the region"
From Zeke Turner's review "The Arctic's Black Canvas" in departures.com




Popping ice chunks & calving glaciers at the Ilulissat Ice Fjord
Jacob Kirkegaard recording for ISFALD, his new work for ARCTIC at LOUISIANA Museum of Modern Art, September 2013

Recording the calving glaciers at the inland ice sheet, Russel's Glacier, Greenland
Jacob Kirkegaard recording for ISFALD, his new work for ARCTIC at LOUISIANA Museum of Modern Art, September 2013
Photo by Adam Lyberth

SABULATION - an exhibition of video and photographic works by Jacob Kirkegaard.
At the Copenhagen based art gallery THIRD SPACE - Opening on the 13th of Sep. – 12th of Oct. 2013.
“He tried thinking of something else. When he closed his eyes, a number of long lines, flowing like sighs, came floating toward him. They were ripples of sand moving over the dunes. The dunes were probably burned onto his retina because he had been gazing steadily at them for some twelve hours. The same sand currents had swallowed up and destroyed flourishing cities and great empires. They called it the “sabulation” of the Roman Empire….”

Highlights of 2013

*    BERKELEY ART MUSEUM - SILENCE. California, January - April
*    STEDELIJK ART MUSEUM - freq_out 9 at SONIC ACTS, Amsterdam, Holland, February
*    TORRANCE ART MUSEUM. IN CASE WE DON'T DIE. Los Angeles, March - May
*    KUNSTHAL 44 MØN. HAMMER WITHOUT A MASTER - Henning Christiansen's Archive. Møn, Denmark, June - August
*    MoMA - SOUNDINGS. New York. August - December
*    DE HALLEN HAARLEM - DREAD. Haarlem, Holland, September - November
*    THIRD SPACE. Copenhagen, Denmark, September - October
*    LOUISIANA Museum of Modern Art - ARCTIC, Denmark. An exhibition on the Arctic. Vernisage Sep 25.

Installations, Releases, Compositions, Field Recording:
*    TØRST. New sound installation for abandoned swimming pool. Organized by REfleksioner, Dragør, Denmark. Opening March 8
*     ♥ permanent installation for the University of Copenhagen. Can be experienced at the staircase of ToRS from April onwards.
*     A hand full of films created in collaboration with Vincent Moon recorded on their field trip to Ethiopia in 2012
*     Vinyl release CONVERSION on TOUCH. The Danish ensemble SCENATET plays LABYRINTHITIS, transcribed for cello, viola &        violin) and CHURCH (from 4 ROOMS), transcribed for trombone, bass clarinet, cello & cymbals. Release date: 15th of March 2013
*     SVÆVNINGER. A new piece by Else Marie Pade & Jacob Kirkegaard will be released on IMPORTANT RECORDS in May.
*     40 DAYS OF SILENCE - a feature film by Uzbek director Saodat Ismailova
*     LABYRINTHITIS, 16-channel sound installation at the staircase of Science Museum (CosmoCaixa) in Barcelona, June

Live appearances
*    Museum of Jurrassic Technology. The Visitor # 3. A site-specific sound piece created for the musum's newly built aviary, March 21
*    Jacob Kirkegaard & the ensemble Gnarwhallaby will perform Labyrinthitis & Church live at BetaLevel, Los Angeles, March 22
*    Berkeley Art Museum, California, April
*    Else Marie Pade & Jacob Kirkegaard's SVÆVNINGER will be presented by Kirkegaard live at STÖRUNG, Barcelona. April
*    Labyrinthitis II, live at Lydrejse, Diamanten - The Royal Library, Copenhagen, Denmark Ensemble SCENATET. May
*    Church II, live at SPOR Festival - Aarhus, Denmark. Ensemble SCENATET. May
*    Labyrinthitis live at Cosmo Caixa - As part of Sónar Festival. Ensemble Experimental Funktion. June

* Kirkegaard's photos from Greenland 1: http://fonik.dk/related/related-greenland-ilulissat.html
* Kirkegaard's photos from Greenland 2: http://fonik.dk/related/related-greenland-kanga.html

SVÆVNINGER: Else Marie Pade & Jacob Kirkegaard, live at Wundergrund Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark. 27th of October 2012
Photographer; Kasia Køhler Larsen

Jacob Kirkegaard & Vincent Moon on location at Merkato, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, June 2012



H A U S  D E R  M A H R E
KW Institute for Contemporary Art
Thursday, March 18, 2010, 7pm

A new sound piece created on commission for soundwalk.com
Will be online by mid February 2010.

S P E C U L U M   S P E C U L I
Commissioned by Deutschlandradio Kultur © 2009

Jacob Kirkegaard is featured with a two-page interview (By Anne Hilde Neset) in the July 09 issue of
The Wire magazine