J A C O B  K I R K E G A A R D


CHINA. Jacob Kirkegaard is part of the group show FUTURE NOSTALGIA, Moving Images, Moving Cities, held in Shenzhen, China. It is organized by Opalnest the exhibition also includes works by Phill Niblock, Alva Noto & Andy Graydon.


On occassion of world population's 7 billion's child Nicole Davis of Red Flag Magazine has commissioned new sound piece Jacob Kirkegaard with accompanying text by by Salman Rushdie and video by Juan Carlos Orozco Velásquez. The title of the piece is 7 Billionth.

Jacob Kirkegaard is delighted to be part of Aleks Kolkowski's Project PHONOGRAPHIES. Mr. Kolkowski has specialized in the old original wax cylinder recording technique. During the last years he captured 2-minute recordings of numerous artists from around the world. Kirkegaard contributes with his audio recordings of the Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights.

GERMANY. Group show - NAVIGATING DARKNESS. Nov 4, Berlin.

ARGENTINA. AION, SABULATION, BLOKU and new photo works at Centro de Arte Contemporaneo in Cordoba.

URUGUAY. PHANTOM BELL, a new site-specific work at Espacio de Arte Contemporaneo in Montevideo.


This month Jacob Kirkegaard is touring Latin America:

MEXICO. Sound installation LABYRINTHITIS is part of Transitio MX in Mexico City. Kirkegaard will also play live at the opening on Sep 30.

ARGENTINA. AION, SABULATION, BLOKU and new photo works will be exhibited at Centro de Arte Contemporaneo in Cordoba. Kirkegaard will present LABYRINTHITIS live at the opening on Oct 7
ARGENTINA. Presenting ELDFJALL live at La Cupula gallery in Cordoba Oct 8

URUGUAY. Performing AION live at Uruguay's oldest theatre Teatro Solís in Montevideo. Jorge Haro is also performing. Oct 18
URUGUAY. Creating PHANTOM BELL, a new site-specific work for Espacio de Arte Contemporaneo in Montevideo. Opening Oct 19

On occassion of world population's 7 billion's child Nicole Davis of Red Flag Magazine has commissioned new piece by Salman Rushdie (Essay), Jacob Kirkegaard (Sound) & Juan Orozco (Video) to be launched on October 31

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I've delivered sound to EVOLUTION OF VIOLENCE - by the filmmaker Fritz Ofner - a very strong documentary on the backgrounds of Guatemala's violent history.

DENMARK. SABULATION live at STUDENTS ONLY. The Black Diamind at the Royal Library, Copenhagen. Sep 16.


DENMARK. The installation 'Væggene har ører' (2006) by Seimi Nørregaard and with sound collage by Jacob Kirkegaard will be up & running again, this time at Teater Reflektion in Aarhus, between August 27 & Sep 4.


PORTUGAL. A new work PLETHORA will be created for Teatro Maria Matos in Lisbon. Live presentation of the piece on July 16, 7pm


DENMARK. Keynote speaker at the seminar SOUND OF SENSES in Copenhagen. June 18.

M A Y  11

USA. Dear Pratella, what do you hear? Dear Pratella, functions as a research exhibition and experiment that investigates the critical potential of sound-based art in various social, spatial, temporal, and discursive contexts: as an gallery installation at the CCS Hessel Museum, as a public intervention at the Rhinecliff Amtrak train station, and as a mass media broadcast via WXBC radio. Jacob Kirkegaard, Chris Kubick & Anne Walsh, and Hong-Kai Wang present their work in these different sites, rotating from site to site on a weekly basis. CCS Hessel Museum, New York. Opening on May 1st

POLAND. For Karol Kaczorowski's show at the group exhibition ALIAS, Kirkegaard is contributing a new sound piece based on his recordings from the Aokigahara Jukai (Sea of Trees) forrest in Japan. Opening on May 13

GERMANY. Participating in conference & symposium; The Undead - Life Sciences & Pulp Fiction, Hamburg, May 14th

UK. An 8-channel version of ELDFJALL is presented as part of Netradio Festival, organized by Call & Response, London, May 15

A P R I L  1 1

NEW RELEASE. For the 25. anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster on April 26 AION will be released on DVD on FONIK WORKS

POLAND. LABYRINTHITIS at Laznia at Centrum Sztuki Wspolczesniej in Gdansk. April 8

POLAND. LABYRINTHITIS at Zacheta Narodowa Galeria Sztuki as part of HYPERACUSIS in Warsaw. April 9

GERMANY. Kirkegaard's new piece for WDR WERMUTSTROPFEN (Wormwood Drops) will be broadcasted at WDR on April 22 at 11:05pm

USA. For the 25. anniversary of Chernobyl AION will be presented live at Lesley Flanigan & Tristan Perich's loft STEPGAARD, April 16

USA. As a tribute to Fukushima, a live version Kirkegaard's new piece for WDR, "Wormwood Drops" will be presented in Providence April 19

M A R C H  1 1

TOUCH RELEASES: Since all Jacob Kirkegaard's albums (Eldfjall, 4 Rooms, Labyrinthitis & Soaked with Philip Jeck) are now sold out, Touch have made them available as 320kbps digital downloads editions. Go to TouchShop to find out more

IMPERIA. On March 10th 2011 Tobias Kirstein & Jacob Kirkegaard released their collaboration IMPERIA on CD. It can be ordered HERE

* ULTRA FM Presents LABYRINTHITIS @ KLAUZDAL in Herlev, March 5
* On occassion of the launch event for the new issue of the KULTURO magazine Jacob Kirkegaard will be performing BANDERA. Warehouse9, Kødbyen, Copenhagen, March 10
* LYDWERK presents Jacob Kirkegaard for live intervention at the Copenhagen University Radio, Copenhagen, March 11
* LYDWERK presents Jacob Kirkegaard for a talk about his works at Møllegade Boghandel, Copenhagen, March 13
* Presenting a new composition of LABYRINTHITIS for strings performed by Messerkvartetten & Jacob Kirkegaard, live at Medical Museion, Copenhagen, Denmark, March 27

BERLIN. Jacob Kirkegaard will be playing live together with Jochen Arbeit @ Eschschloraque, Berlin, March 29

F E B R U A R Y  1 1

NEW YORK. Solo exhibition at DIAPASON gallery: Showing SABULATION, NAGARAS & DESERT SLIDE. February 5, 12, 19, 26, 2pm-8pm

COPENHAGEN. This new sound installation UNDER BJERGET is created from recordings of the large cellars of the old Danish beer brewery Carlsberg. The recordings were made when the factory was still in use; when the beer was still floating through the long tipes under ground. Now when Carlsberg has moved to the other side of the Danish country Kirkegaard will present his recordings in these now empty cellars. This live event will take place on Feb 11 between 4pm and 7pm and is organized by Kontoret for Undergrundsanliggender.

J A N U A R Y  1 1

GREECE. Hertz Festival, Athens. Jan 29.