J A C O B  K I R K E G A A R D

D E C E M B E R  1 0

GERMANY. The 50-minute sound piece SPECULUM SPECULI, commissioned by Marcus Gammel will be broadcast again on Deutschland Radio at 00:05 o'clock, December 10th.

N O V E M BE R  1 0

DENMARK. AETER concert at Musikteatret in Copenhagen, Nov 4

UK. 'Celestial Road' - a humble homage to Sun Ra. A new piece created of recordings of Northern Lights / Solar Winds / Natural Radio VLF. live at Cut & Splice festival. Collaboration with BBC & the INSPIRE (NASA), Wilton's Music Hall London. NOV 5

UK. Presenting ELDFJALL in surround sound at Call & Response - an independent sonic arts collective, serving as a focus for sound arts practice in London. NOV 4-7

DENMARK. Performing MODLYS & EFTERBILLEDER - an improvised light&sound performance in collaboration with Marie Koelbaek Iversen & Tobias Kirstein. At MAYHEM, Ragnhildgade 1, Copenhagen Ø.

DENMARK. DJ'ing ethiopian groovy treasures together with my travel companion to Ethiopia; Malene Nielsen. Harbo Bar, Copenhagen, Nov 13

* Artist talk at Telefonica Fundation Space, Buenos Aires, Nov 18
* After his talk at Telefonica Kirkegaard will be DJ'ing at Le Bar, Tuccuman 422 in Buenos Aires
* Performance/installation (AION) at LimbØ, Museo de Arte Moderno, Buenos Aires, Nov 19
* New site-specific sound installation created especially for the Mental Hospital Centro Ameghino, Buenos Aires Nov 24
* Performance/installation (SABULATION/LABYRINTHITIS) at La Cupula, Cordboa Nov 27
* Artist talk at Escuela La Metro, Cordoba Nov 29
* Exhibiting AION at Centro de Arte Contemporaneo (CAC), Cordoba. Opening on Nov 30

O C T O B E R  1 0

DENMARK. Presenting a new version of POLYTHERA at BIOTOPIA - Art in the Wet Zone. Aalborg, Sep 15

POLAND. New work for UNSOUND: "The Hidden" is a series of installations located in the cellars, corners and disused rooms of a former cosmetics factory. They explore submerged sound, histories, menace and music. With Mordant Music, Finnbogi Petursson, Jana Winderen, Jacob Kirkegaard & Lukasz Szalenkiewicz. Krakow.
“THE VISTOR” Jacob Kirkegaard and Lukasz Szalenkiewicz (DK/PL) Commissioned by Unsound. THE VISITOR makes use of sound frequencies to summon up an unseen presence inside the basement of an abandoned cosmetics factory. Both sonic and physical, THE VISITOR is at turns malicious, then placated, slumbering until its next attack. This installation has been carefully created to interact with the site, to move around and through the audience, finally ensnaring them. Opening on Oct 17


S E P T E M B E R  1 0





USA. Presenting DESERT SLIDE, a video of JG Thirlwell & Jacob Kirkegaard sliding down dunes of singing sands in the deserts of Oman. This work will be part of the group show LIBERTY B curated by Hayley Silverman at Open Space gallery, Baltimore, USA. Opening on September 11th.


A U G U S T  1 0

JAPAN. SABULATION will be exhibitied at AICHI TRIENNALE, Nagoya, Aug 20

J U L Y  1 0

DENMARK. New sound installaton for Roskilde Festival, June 30 - July 4
ROSKILDE UNHEARD - If we were to filter away the most immediate sound of Roskilde Festival, what sounds would we hear? What lies beneath the live music and the dancing, applauding crowds? The hum of technical equipment, the movement of the people stomping on the earth or splashing in the water - doesn't all this activity produce a subtle sound in itself?
During the festival, sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard (DK) collects the "unheard" sounds of the festival. His recordings are being updated continually and can be experienced inside this specially built box.

GERMANY. Sounding Spaces. Jacob Kirkegaard + Steve Rowell
Obscure visual and aural phenomena, and the views they offer of the natural landscape, the built environment, and the power structures behind them. Sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard will present his new piece Bandera, composed from audio recordings of the flagstaff masts from the United States Interests building in Havana. Artist, researcher, and Center for Land Use Interpretation collaborator Steve Rowell will present a new video work. With a discussion to follow, moderated by Triple Canopy creative director Caleb Waldorf. Berlin, July 19

An exhibition with Stephen Dunne (UK) // Andreas Emenius (S) // Bibi Katholm (DK) // Shane Bradford (UK) // Ida Kvetny (DK) // Jacob Kirkegaard (DK) // Ralph Dorey (UK) // Iben Toft Nørgård (DK) // John Strutton (UK) // Pascal Rousson (FR) // Wonderland (DK)
IN CASE WE DON’T DIE represents a joining of forces among 12 contemporary artists from Berlin, London and Copenhagen, all travelling down similar creative paths, investigating the power of ritual, spontaneous bewitchments, visions of the future, and a kind of “supernatural” presence that sometimes reveals itself during the creative process. The exhibition is an attempt to visualize the already existing, natural communities and connections as opposed to the “designed” communities currently found in contemporary art as well as society in general.
The theoretical starting point for IN CASE WE DON’T DIE is an investigation into the constant slippage, or cross-over, between various types of media, that is visible in the work of the artists included in the exhibition – transitions between film, performance, painting, installation, objects, music / language / rhythm, and drawing.
These days potential catastrophes are everywhere you look. The world is full of danger, threats, stress, overload and insecurity, and most of the time it feels very likely that we are all going to be dead soon, the only question is when, exactly? Assuming that we, against all odds, survive the terrifying pitfalls of the future that lies ahead, is creativity going to be the thing that saves us?Curated by Bibi Katholm in collaboration with Shane Bradford. Location: VEGAS, 45 Vyner Street, London E2 9DQ. Opening: Friday 23rd of July 2010 from 6.30pm – 9pm

SWEDEN. Norberg Festival
At Norbergfestival, Jacob will perform the two pieces SABULATION and ELDFJALL. Sabulation consists of sound and video footage of the so-called Singing Sands or Booming Dunes in the deserts of Oman. Eldfjall consists of sounds from the vibrating volcanos on Iceland. July 31

J U N E  1 0

USA. Participating at the World Science Festival, New York City, USA, Jun 3

DANISH TV. LOOP TOWER (Recordings from Fernsehturm Berlin) live at Sound & Television, Copenhagen Denmark, Jun 8, (at 9:30pm Denmark, Spain, Germany time zone) Info på dansk http://tv-tv.dk/soundandtelevision/presse/PRESSE_SoundAndTelevision_juni_2010.pdf

HOLLAND. Presenting AION live and speaking at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, June 10

M A Y  1 0

DENMARK. Premiering BANDERA at SPOR Festival in Aarhus Denmark. Read more about BANDERA here. May 7

SPAIN. Presenting SABULATION live at OBSERVATORI in Valencia, Spain. May 8

DENMARK. World premiere of "Forget to Breathe" Concert together with Lydia Lunch. Marble Church Copenhagen, May 28

GERMANY. Participating in the group show IN CASE WE DON'T DIE, curated by Bibi Katholm. Berlin. Opening on May 29

A P R I L  1 0

ETHIOPIA. Kirkegaard will be on a field trip to Ethiopia together with artist Malene Nielsen and Upfront Films.

PORTUGAL. LABYRINTHITIS live at METASONIC in Lisboa Portugal. April 14.

* Participating in a debate panel THE SOUND OF HORROR at CPHPIX in Copenhagen, April 14 (Participation cancelled due to volcano)
* Performance using hydrophone recordings of the water canals of CPH. Transitation, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen April 18 (Participation cancelled due to volcano)
* Music for the film the PROMISE, directed by Morten BH, Kirsten Dehlhom & Henning Carlsen. With Rune T. Kidde. CPH|PIX. April 22

SPAIN: LABYRINTHITIS live at La Casa Encendida in Madrid, Spain April 25

NORWAY: LABYRINTHITIS live at Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall, Norway April 27

M A R C H  1 0

BERLIN. In Norse mythology, “mares” or “albs” are small black goblins that, at nighttime, slip into houses through keyholes and sit down on the sleepers tearing their hair and inducing nightmares. In English the word “mare” both stands for this evil nightly spirit as well as for a female horse.
With his new work HOUSE OF MARE, the Danish sound and media artist Jacob Kirkegaard presents a foray into one of the most common and most fascinating phenomena of unintentionally produced human sounds: the noises we make while we sleep. The artist invited 16 guests to individually spend one of 16 subsequent nights in the suite of KW's Hotel Marienbad. During their sleep, he captured the sounds they made – movements, snoring, murmurs or sleeptalking – adding them to the sounds made by the previous guests. The result is a multi-layered composition that invites its listeners to experience an acoustic dream-memory of the hotel room.
Hotel Marienbad 008. Supported by the Friends of KW Institute for Contemporary Art. HAUS OF MARE will be on display on one evening ONLY. There will be drinks and everyone is welcome! Hotel Marienbad, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Auguststr. 69, D-10117 Berlin. March 18 from 7pm.

ETHIOPIA. Kirkegaard will be on a field trip to Ethiopia together with artist Malene Nielsen and Upfront Films.

F E B R U A R Y  1 0

REWIND is a new sound piece created on commission for soundwalk.com

UK. Seminar and screening event to mark the end of Louise K Wilson’s NESTA Fellowship. This evening event will explore ideas around sound, the uncanny, resonance, architecture and haunting. Participants include writer and composer David Toop, artist Jacob Kirkegaard, curator Lina Dzuverovic and artist Louise K Wilson. Discussion will be accompanied by film extracts and sound clips to illustrate various perspectives on the sonification of space. The Theatres Trust, London, Feb 11.

HOLLAND. SABULATION (live in the evening of Saturday the 27th) and LABYRINTHITIS (as installation throughout the festival) Sonic Acts in Amsterdam, Feb 25 - 28

SWEDEN. Participating in the exhibition INTERFERENCE: Fields for Listening and Praxis at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm. Other artists include i.e. CM von Hausswolff, Carsten Nicolai & Brandon Labelle. January 28 - February 21

J A N U A R Y  1 0

BERLIN. Premiering SABULATION at Club Transmediale. Jan 28 & 29

SWEDEN. Participating in the exhibition INTERFERENCE: Fields for Listening and Praxis at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm. Other artists include i.e. CM von Hausswolff, Carsten Nicolai & Brandon Labelle. January 28 - February 21