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O P U S  M O R S

Four listening spaces for one of the existential and natural aspects of being alive, which is death. The project portrays four sound environments that the human body commonly will be surrounded by or exposed to in the immediate post mortem: a morgue, an autopsy, a cremation and the decomposition

B L A C K  M E T A L  S Q U A R E

A piezo sensor and a contact speaker attached on rear side of three metal plates of different sizes, amplifying and mirroring its subtle and naturally occurring vibrations, evoking its characteristic resonant frequencies


Jacob Kirkegaard's soundtrack to Carl Dreyer's silent film The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928). In this edit, running to just under 36 minutes, Kirkegaard’s refined mastery of tone unfolds in two arc-shaped tracks dedicated to the LP format

4  R O O M S

Layered sound recordings of four abandoned spaces inside the exclusion zone around the former nuclear power plant in Chernobyl unfold and reveal their respective resonant frequencies




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