ON LISTENING. Research process: Jacob Kirkegaard 10.06.2016 (59' 24")
RÁDIO WEB MACBA - Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona.

A man who travels the world not to see things, but hear them
September 28, 2015
By Alina Simone for PRI


Interview on occassion of freq_out installation at Marrakech Biennale, Morocco. By Ilaria Gadenz, 2014. Interview in English.
Interview on occassion of the Soundings exhibition at MoMA in New York City. Interview in English by Tyler Green, MAN Podcast 2013.

Når Havet og Ørkenen Synger. Interview with Per Nørgaard & Jacob Kirkegaard. By Jakob Dybro Johansen. 2012.

Interview on occassion of Vinyl Terror & Horror and Jacob Kirkegaard's permanent art works for Copenhagen University, 2013. Interview for SNYK by Jan Stricker. 2013.

Interview on occassion of Jacob Kirkegaard's music for theatre performance RUSLAND by Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt. 2009. Danish Radio.

Interview on occassion of the premire of Jacob Kirkegaard's LABYRINTHITIS at Medical Museion, Copenhagen, 2008. Lyt til Nyt. DR.

Interview on occassion of the premire of Jacob Kirkegaard's AION live at the Marble Church, Copenhagen, 2006. Danish Radio P4

Interview with Kirkegaard in Berlin, recording the vibrations of the TV Tower. By Ralf Christensen at Danish Radio in 2005.

Interview on occassion of Gry Bagøien & Jacob Kirkegaard's Ord på Snor - a sound installation for reel to reel tape recorders with 20 meter long loops. Dansk Forfatterforening. Rundetaarn. 1999. Danish Radio.