T R I S T E L E G  #  1 - 3

9 small films and 3 paper manuals. Duration 13 min. Berlin, 2013. Created for the exhibition Hammer without a Master, for Kunsthal 44, Møn, Denmark. The exhibition was a homage to Danish Fluxus artist Henning Christiansen

TRISTELEG # 1-3 is a recollection of some games that my cousin invented and performed with me in the early 80ies when we were children.
Each game consisted of a simple, but strictly defined set of activities involving two people. I remember that these activities had absolutely no purpose apart from the importance of being carried out with precise timing and an apathetic face. My cousin called this Tristeleg (Sadness Game).

In 2013, 30 years later (while being out of touch with my cousin for the last 20 years) I attemped to recreate the games as I remembered them. By presenting them as short video clips with additional 'manuals', I invite everyone to perform the same activities at any time and place.

TRISTELEG # 1-3 is dedicated to the memory of my cousin, J.C.

Camera & video editing by Daniel Franke

Thanks to:
Krassimang, Ollihul & Onnikrini
Peter Pøls & Låkkenkråk
Ricardo Tubs & Tintín (!)
Hong Jyhn
Seppedannerup & Mariannelund
Bøhmanden & Sara Klukhøn
Neglen & Prop
Krønland, Bandekager & Kanga 80