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CD - 41 minutes. Bottrop-Boy 2003 ©

"Last year, the danish electronic abstactionist Jacob Kirkegaard collaborated with avant turntabilist Philip Jeck on the well recieved Soaked album, bringing complementary battery of digitised tricks to Jeck´s requiems for antique technologies. Kirkegaard´s solo album 01.02 continues down the same path, purposefully merging textural loops from beat-up vinyl with more cleanly concieved rounds of disintegrating electronica. Whereas Soaked seemed like a distinct departure for Jeck, the differences between the two artists are less clearly defined when comparing their solo works. The sad melodic fragments culled from archetypical but unidentifiable motifs, the rendering of an abstract emotionally resonant space through slow motion repetitions, and the swells of vinyl crackle - all of which are typical of Jeck´s aesthetic - are the key components of 01.02. These similarities in the compositional and conceptual strategies for Jeck and Kirkegaard actually serve the artists well as Proustian meditations on the void between sound and memory"
The Wire review April 2003