5  P I E C E S

Cassette edition of 200 © 2015 Posh Isolation

Posh Isolation is proud to present a triple cassette album containing five of Kirkegaard's previously unreleased works
The five compositions all bear the signature sound of Kirkegaard's processed field recordings slowly evolving into carefully crafted drone works, rich in both detail and emotion. Exclusively released on cassette

20 Best Avant Albums of 2015

Limited to just 200 copies but no less necessary, this three-cassette release anthologises five recent works by one of contemporary sound art's most subtle, intriguing figures. More artistically minded than field recordings, more naturally hewn than noise tapes, Kirkegaard amplifies hidden worlds into evocative drifts. The underwater recordings of Æsturarium turn Hudson River glubs and swirling sediments into a 29-minute white-noise suite; Iron Wind captures the vibrations of German fences for a haunting breath of ambience. Déjà Vu is a feedback conversation between eight empty rooms; Fool's Fire is an electrified needle picking up radio waves from crystals (it sounds like an orchestra of run-out grooves); and Under Bjerget is a 58-minute meditation for the rattling tubes in a Copenhagen basement, glacially moving from drone to pulse to rumble.

29:50 min © 2014
Composition from underwater recordings at several places in the Hudson River, including the New York Harbor Estuary, a transition area where the tides, waves and salty water of the ocean mix with the flow of fresh water and sediment from the river
was composed during Kirkegaard's artist residency at ISCP in New York City in 2014

29:50 min © 2006 - 2014
Composition from vibration recordings of iron fences along the Rhine around Cologne, Germany. The flowing river, the wind in the air and the large passing tugboats vibrate the fences and cause them to produce tones
Iron Wind
is a composition made from recordings used in Eisenwind

28:25 min © 2014
At Deutschlandradio in Berlin, Kirkegaard turned on the microphones and speakers in eight empty broadcasting studios and connected them to create a circular chain reaction: Studio 1 broadcast its own ambient sound into Studio 2. Studio 2 picked up the broadcast of the ambient sound of Studio 1 along with its own ambient sound and broadcast this into Studio 3. Then Studio 3 broadcast the ambient sound of Studio 1, 2 and 3 into Studio 4… and so forth, until the eight gathered broadcasts of the ambient sound of all eight studios were ultimately broadcast back into Studio 1. From a separate radio studio, Kirkegaard could control the amplitude and equalization of the feedback broadcast of each one of the eight empty radio studios
Déjà Vu
is a composition made from recordings used in Speculum Speculi

28 min © 2008
Composition from noise received and transmitted by pyrite and galena crystals. By attaching an electrified needle to the crystals a negative/positive charge was created in the barrier between the crystal surface and the needle tip. In these isolated charged spots atoms jumped across the barriers and made the crystals receptive to radio waves, which were picked up by the needle.
The title of this work derives from 'fool's gold' another name for pyrite, and pyr, the Greek word for fire
Fool's Fire
was created for the exhibition Paramirrors held at Riga Art Space in Riga, Latvia

58 min © 2011
Shortly before Carlsberg’s main factory in the center of Copenhagen closed down, Kirkegaard got access to the large basement area of this legendary 150-year-old building, and recorded the vibrations of its many tubes and kettles. The composition Under Bjerget was made from these recordings. Two years later it was presented as a 16-channel sound installation inside four large and pitch dark rooms in the now abandoned Carlsberg basement. The project was initiated by and made in collaboration with Line Kjær from Kontoret for Undergrundsanliggender, Copenhagen