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TOPOS - a curatorial platform for mediated matter and ideas

TOPOS was founded in 2019 by the three artists and composers, Jacob Kirkegaard, Tobias R. Kirstein and Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard, to pursue their shared commitment to cross cultural and cross media activities that move beyond the strictures and boundaries of separate fields and disciplines. Its projects and program use various modes of presenting, publishing and releasing contemporary and archival material, generated or discovered by TOPOS.
TOPOS is collaborating with Julie Martin, Director of Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) to research and publish selected material from the organization's extensive archive of sound recordings that include performances, interviews and other sound material produced by E.A.T. activities over the past 50 years.

On September 3rd TOPOS will launch with four new albums, one of them a double vinyl gatefold release of John Cage’s Variations VII which was part of E.A.T.’s legendary 9 Evenings in NYC in 1966. On this event TOPOS will also present Variations VII live. The co-producer of the original 1966 event, Julie Martin will be performing Variations VII with TOPOS.
Read more about the performances, releases and mission on their website by clicking on the logo above.


CLOTHO by We like We and Jacob Kirkegaard
New album
- Time is Local -
is out on Sonic Pieces on the 27th of September

P H O N U R G I A  M E T A L L I S


B L A C K  M E T A L  S Q U A R E


Phonurgia Metallis (CD)
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Black Metal Square (LP)
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The Wire announcement HERE





TESTIMONIUM is an audio-visual work created from recordings from waste, recycling and wastewater facilities
in Denmark and Latvia as well as from one of the world’s largest landfills; the Dandora dumpingsite in Nairobi, Kenya.

Vibration sensors were placed inside piles of waste and on large incinerators. Underwater microphones were lowered underneath the surfaces of polluted rivers and large wastewater management basins. Acoustic microphones were pointed at bleak landscapes of burning plastic ignited by the wind. Like a testimonium from the past as if experienced from the future, these close-up recordings of human generated waste offers an intimate revisit into human discarded matter, their metamorphic journeys or absorbing endurance.

Denmark: BIOFOS Denmark, Reiling Glasrecycling Denmark, STENA Recycling, ARGO, Vestforbraending. Latvia/Estonia: WasteArt project NOT out of sight NOT out of mind Campaign, IES, ZAAO Ltd (LV), MoKS (EE), Evelyn and John Grzinich. Kenya: Nao Takeuchi, Waste Management Unit, UN-Habitat, David Makori; Chief Environment Officer,
Wambua Ndaka; Site Manager at Dandora Dumpsite, Nairobi City County and Mohamed; leader of waste pickers at Dandora Dumpsite, Nairobi

World premiere in Nairobi, Kenya (UN Habitat exhibition, TBA)
Nuuk Art Museum, Nuuk, Greenland (As installation throughout the month) August 8th
ULTIMA Festival, Oslo, Norway (8-channel live version + installation throughout festival), Sep 13th
DR Koncerthuset, Copenhagen, Denmark (organised by ArtFreq - prior to concert with Efterklang) November 6th

Jacob Kirkegaard © 2019

Portrait of artist Jacob Kirkegaard and the making of TESTIMONIUM
This portrait was created by John Grzinich in Spring of 2019 on ocassion of the exhibition "NOT out of sight, NOT out of mind"

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