G R Y  B A G Ø I E N
J A C O B  K I R K E G A A R D


Aeter is a Danish trio that produces electronic music with vocals. Gry Bagoien's voice ranges from sounding carefree / wispy to passionate / dark. The vocals add a much needed human prescence lacking in most present day electronic music. Never once does Aeter suffer from sounding dry or sterile, even when the vocals are not present. The mood is cold and nocturnal yet you can feel the warmth of the blood that pulses forth from the sounds. The fragmented songs form themselves over time-bits of rhythm and melody are introduced until they are tied together towards the end of each piece. This gives a visual/narrative tonality to the music. The fragmentation creates enough space in this music that it invites you to crawl in between the sounds. Or else it will crawl into your head. Soft music that you can play loud. Essential. (Jeff Surak, Vital Weekly)

ÆTER was active between 1995 & 2001




Sound installation, 1999

Six open reel tape recorders with six different
loops, three containing tones, 3 containing
words. Circling around each other they create
random stories and timbres, until the point
where the sounds on the tapes dissolve

Words on Wires was exhibitted at "Lydt i
Rundetaarn" Arranged by Danish Writers

Gry Bagøien & Jacob Kirkegaard 1999


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