Composition for field recordings, percussion
& church organ © 2014

SOLÁMOK is a new composition created on commission by and for Rued Langgaard Festival in Ribe, Denmark
This work is dedicated to Danish composer Rued Langgaard (1893 - 1952) and consists of three parts and an epilogue; Stormnattens Skygger (The Shaddows of the Stormy Night), I Skyggen af en Domkirke (In the Shade of a Cathedral) and Solrædsel
Solámok is composed of field recordings percussion and church organ. The field recordings were captured at night in the medieval town of Ribe where Langgaard lived for the last 12 years of his life.

Kirkegaard grew up in Langgaard‘s music room in Ribe, and his personal story is in many ways closely linked to Langgaard’s. In the work Solámok he creates an artistic interpretation of the sounds Langgaard experienced at night in Ribe - the graveyard, the streets, the cathedral and the cathedral tower – in dialogue with fragments of Langgaard's Bortkørende Tog from his String Quartet No. 2 in a version for percussion

Field recordings, composition and arrangement by Jacob Kirkegaard. Instrumentation by Jens Peter Møller & Jacob Kirkegaard. Church organ by Birgitte Ebert and live percussion at Ribe Cathedral in 2014 by Mads Bendsen of SCENATET with three percussionists from the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark; Jonas Thygesen, Jonas Weitling & Mads Mortensen.

Thanks to Bendt Viinholt Nielsen, Esben Tange, Birgitte Ebert & the Danish Arts Council


Excerpt from 2nd part of Solámok



Excerpt from rehearsal of 3rd part of Solámok at Ribe Cathedral

Rued Langgaard (right) & Jacob Kirkegaard (left) in front of Gravsgade 21 in Ribe, Denmark