N A G A R A S # 3
Jacob Kirkegaard © 2011

NAGARAS aims to portray a rare phenomenon that exists in very few deserts around the world. At times, some sand dunes in these deserts can produce deep mysterious humming sounds. The phenomenon is known as the Singing Sands or Booming Dunes. Over the last thousand years the phenomenon has been described by travelers, most famously by Marco Polo. NAGARAS is a word which by several travelers was used to describe the phenomenon

This photo series aims visualize the sound of the sands. The photos were shot while the moving sands produced the sound. The titles for each photo (Larghetto, Andante, Allegro, Prestissimo) refers to some of the tempi used in classical music

Photographed by Jacob Kirkegaard in the deserts of Oman, February 2009