16-channel installation commissioned by Iceland Images Festival, Cologne Germany. 2005 ©

Gefjun is created from sounds of volcanic vibrations recorded in subterranean earth layers in Iceland. The aim was to create a sonic landscape that aims to trigger the perception, sensual memory and imagination of its visitors
In 2004, Jacob Kirkegaard recorded the sounds of Icelandic geysers with the use of accelerometers and acoustic microphones Some sounds are subtle, others rich and low, while some last long, others only a moment
When integrating them into the basement of the Cologne FilmHaus, Kirkegaard chose to take advantage of the two-level architecture of the space: The acoustical recordings from above the Icelandic earth are placed at the upper basement level and the 'below earth surface recordings' are placed on the lower basement level. The audience is invited into an imaginary geyser. Moving about both vertically and horizontally, as if diving through the different layers of earth and water, one can experience the sonic interactions and confrontations existing there