E A R S  O F  T H E  O T H E R

Sound work © 2010

Seeing the world with the eyes of the other perhaps helps us understanding our fellow human beings... The content of this piece was inspired from a curiosity to hear what other people hear. As strangers in a new country we probably hear it differently from the people who already live there. We may hear things they don't even pay attention to anymore. Or they hear things we don't hear because they relate to these sounds from experiences they've had... So how would it be possible to hear what other people hear?
These twelve recordings were made in Ethiopia following interviews with twelve Ethiopians about their favorite sound from their everyday: They were asked to recall and describe a sound which they had often paid attention to, found characteristic or remarkable in one way or another.
The sound was then recorded in collaboration with them.

EARS OF THE OTHER consists of twelve sound pieces, each edited to last exactly one minute. Like a kind of sonic postcard. The concept of a postcard is to tell a lot in a very short way, to offer an impression of a certain location to family or friends back home. Here, this idea is interpreted in sound.

Each track is left untitled for your imagination. For best listening experience headphones are recommended.













With thanks to Malene Nielsen