J A C O B  K I R K E G A A R D


Dyret / Animal. Video work. Created for Kunstmuseet i Tønder, Denmark © 2020
Thanks to Natural History Museum, Aarhus, Denmark

Animal combines the sound of a 'wild boar fence' combined with video of stuffed wild boars. The sound recordings of the fence were made with vibration sensors placed on its surfaces in strong wind.
The so-called wild boar fence is a 70 km long metal fence errected by the Danish State in 2019 on the otherwise invisible borderline between Denmark and Germany.

This work is currently in the making. It can be experienced for the first time as part of Kirkegaard's exhibition Mellem Rum at Kunstmuseet in Tønder, Denmark. The exhibition opens on January 21, 2021



Jacob Kirkegaard © 2019